Telegram Introduces New Programming Language for TON Network

Privacy-focused encrypted instant messaging service Telegram has created a new programming language for its Telegram Open Network (TON), according to a post on the project’s Telegram channel published on May 23. The post introduces a new language called Fift that is specifically designed for developing and managing TON blockchain smart contracts, and interacting with the […]

Analyst: Bitcoin Must Close Above $8,200 In Order for Bullish Momentum to Extend

Bitcoin has once again incurred a sudden influx of buying pressure that has allowed it to continue climbing higher after briefly dipping as low as $7,500 over the past couple of days. Although BTC’s surge back above $8,000 is certainly positive, it is still struggling to move higher as it faces strong selling pressure around […]

Traders Are Now Banned From Using Localbitcoins Exchange in Iran

Traders from Iran have been banned from using the peer-to-peer trading platform within the country. The Iranian section of the website displays a short message that states that the exchange is “currently not available.” The news follows significant Iranian rial trade volume on the Localbitcoins platform, which has been climbing steadily over the last […]

World’s Oldest Watch Manufacturer to Use Blockchain for Tracking Timepieces

Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer Vacheron Constantin will start using blockchain technology to track its timepieces, lifestyle magazine Robb Report reported on May 24. Founded in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is recognized as the world’s oldest watch manufacturer. The company plans to issue a paper and digital certificate to each of its vintage watches, and […]

No, Forbes, Facebook’s Newly Detailed Not-So-Crypto is No Rival for Bitcoin

The launch of a crypto-like-currency by social media giant Facebook has been the topic of many discussions in the Bitcoin and digital asset space recently. However, little was known about it outside of the company developing a mysterious blockchain department and rumours about a WhatsApp-based digital coin being launched by the firm. According to a […]

Opposition Politicians Demand Details on Luxembourg E-Government Plan for Blockchain, AI

Opposition party members in the Luxembourg parliament are demanding specifics from the prime minister on a proposed e-government plan, according to a report by the Luxembourg Times on May 24. The plan reportedly centers on the implementation of blockchain technology, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) in government administration. The seat of the newly-created government […]

Can Litecoin Halving Spark Crypto Alt Season and Boost Bitcoin Price Higher?

Each halving in Bitcoin is typically front run by a bull cycle, where the price of the leading cryptocurrency by market cap experiences rapid volume expansion and price mark up. The digital silver to Bitcoin’s digital gold, Litecoin, also experiences such a phenomenon ahead of its halving – an event scheduled at regular intervals that […]

Hackers Have Looted More Bitcoin Than Satoshi’s Entire Stash

Ever since cryptocurrencies started gaining value, hackers have targeted exchanges that provide digital asset trading and malicious entities have siphoned billions of dollars worth of bitcoin since 2011. So far, over 1 million of the world’s BTC has been stolen from exchanges and traders continue to leave vast quantities of funds on centralized trading platforms. […]

3commas Helps You Balance Your Crypto Portfolio

Hodling or liquidating your crypto assets are two extremes that are not the best investment strategies in most cases. 3commas is a platform that allows you to constantly rebalance your portfolio in order to limit losses and maximize profit. Also read: How to Easily Find a Bitcoin Cash ATM Near You Trade on Major Exchanges […]


GreenBits is the native Android version of GreenAddress. It’s a multi-signature wallet that also supports hardware wallets like TREZOR and Ledger. This mobile case app offers a large vary of options that may match with everyone’s tastes. wherever different mobile case apps were lacking one or some options, GreenBits additional all the services and fashionable […]